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Whether you’re networking in Burlington, NC or New York City, it pays to stand out from the crowd!


Here’s the scenario: You attended a networking function, met a lot of people, gathered a pocketful of business cards, and brought them back to your office with the intention of following up with your new contacts. Later, as you’re flipping  through the business cards, you realize that you don’t really remember a lot about most of these people. “What did he look like? I can’t remember.” “What does she sell at this company? Her card doesn’t say and I didn’t write it down.” At that point, the card gets tossed in the trash can and the result is a lost opportunity for both you and your new contact. How many times has this been your experience? Now, look at it from the other perspective: How many times has someone tossed your business card in the trash can? It’s probably more often than you think.

Video Business Cards are a unique solution to this common problem. If you haven’t done so already, take 30 seconds to watch the example above. When Yvonne’s new contacts see this video in their email inbox and watch it, what are the chances now that they will not only keep both her printed card and video business card but also remember her for a long time? Experience shows that the chances are very good!

One of the most important things businesses try to do is to set themselves apart from their competition, and a video business card is a giant leap forward in that direction. They are unique, memorable and leave a positive lasting impression. What’s more, they contain your unique selling proposition so that your contacts will always know exactly why they should buy from you. Imagine having a small  version of yourself sitting on your prospect’s computer desktop ready to speak to him any time he wants! What an advantage!

If you’d like more information about how you can get a video business card of your own or your entire sales staff, please call Morrison Video Productions at 336-226-0006.