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Business Video Production

Morrison Video Productions creates powerful, lasting impressions with video production to help you:

  • Increase sales
  • Introduce a new product
  • Train employees
  • Communicate with customers and prospects
  • Build trust in your company

Below are some of the ways businesses use video in their marketing and communications.

How popular is online video?

More than 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day.
More than 300 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Videos

When people are considering doing business with a company, they usually have a lot of questions. You can educate customers and prospects by answering their frequently asked questions in a series of videos. To learn more about FAQ videos and our special offer for businesses, click here.

Promotional Videos

Most companies have a clear vision of what makes them unique and why customers should buy from them, but they struggle to convey it to their prospects. At Morrison Video Productions, we take your company’s vision and bring it to life through video so that others can see it too. We do this through innovative video production that enhances the company’s image while engaging their prospects in the most effective way possible. We take pride in the exceptional quality of our video production and accept nothing less for our clients. It’s this work ethic that has helped us to receive six awards for corporate video production.


Training, Orientation & Safety Videos

Your company can save valuable time and money by using a video presentation for training new employees. It will provide consistency throughout your program and decrease down time. Clients who use training and orientation videos find them to be very effective because they’re specifically designed to hold attention by using demonstrations, on-site explanations and real examples. This increases viewer comprehension and retention of the information. Best of all, the videos are available any time you need them!

A safety video can easily pay for itself by reducing accidents in the workplace which keeps productivity high and insurance rates low. Best of all, it will help to keep your employees healthy and injury-free.

Testimonial Videos

People expect you and your employees to tell them how great it is to do business with your company, but a video testimonial provides social proof that this is true! This is especially important today as more and more people rely on reviews and testimonials when choosing products and services.

With our testimonial video productions, we provide an experienced interviewer who asks probing questions that bring out the key points of your customer’s experience. The video is then edited into a powerful statement that is working for your business 24/7 on the Internet, on sales calls, and anywhere else you want to use it. It can also be incorporated into a powerful reputation marketing campaign.


Broadcast & Web

We help our clients to develop effective television commercials for local and regional broadcasting. As an added bonus, your commercial can be used as a web video, too! It can easily be added to your website and any other popular video sharing sites to help you reach as many prospective customers as possible.

Because of its accessibility and flexibility, the Internet allows businesses of all sizes a greater opportunity to reach a global audience, and numerous studies have shown that businesses that use video on their website see a significant increase in sales.

Did you know? The first television commercial was aired on July 1, 1941. It was a 10-second advertisement for Bulova watches, and it cost the company a total of $9. 


Live Events

If your event is important enough to videotape it, then it’s important enough to have it done by a professional video production company. We have experience recording plays, recitals, grand openings, seminars, corporate events and more. Whatever the event may be, we can record it for you using our high definition video cameras and professional audio equipment. We can also add titles, credits, and menus on your DVDs and then package them to suit your needs, making your video production the best it can be.

We are an award-winning video production company serving Burlington, Greensboro, Chapel Hill and surrounding areas in North Carolina.