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Legal Video Production

Certified Legal Videographers serving Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point, Chapel Hill, Burlington, and all of North Carolina.

Morrison Video Productions is recognized as one of the top providers of legal video services in North Carolina. Our Certified Legal Videographers (CLVs) are trained in all of the technical and legal procedures required for video production in this field. We are also part of a network of Certified Legal Videographers, so we can arrange deposition coverage for almost any place in the United States.

Our legal video services include:

  • Video Depositions
  • Synchronization Services
  • Mediation Videos
  • Day-In-The-Life Videos
  • Mock Trials
  • Surveillance Video Processing
  • Digital Editing
  • Documentations
  • DVD and CD Duplication

Why should you hire a Certified Legal Videographer?

Legal Video ServicesWhen a person is certified, he or she has been trained in the legal procedures they must follow in addition to the technical facets of video production. While not all courts require videos shown during a trial to be produced by a CLV, it is possible that a judge may disallow one that is not.

There’s an old saying that’s frequently heard in the legal profession that says a person who represents himself has a fool for a client. There’s a lot of wisdom in this, since most people agree that legal matters are best handled by a lawyer. They have the experience and training necessary to provide their clients effective representation during the entire legal process. The same reasoning can be applied to the legal video production profession too. There’s a lot that goes into creating a legal video, and only a trained professional has the knowledge and skills to do it properly. A video that appears amateurish will probably reflect poorly on the client regardless of the facts of the case.

To book your next video deposition,