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Training and safety videos work for you 24/7


When called upon by clients to produce a video for them, we are most often asked to create a video that helps them promote their business. Safety RulesPromotional videos, TV commercials, product demonstrations, and testimonials are all very important for communicating with people outside of your company. We love helping clients connect with customers to establish their brand in the marketplace.


There’s another aspect of corporate communication that should not be overlooked, though, and that is internal communication. Video is an effective tool used for job training for new employees and safety training for employees and visitors. When used properly, training and safety videos actually pay for themselves and reduce the company’s expenses. Here’s how.


Training videos:

  • ensure new employees are taught proper procedures every time
  • ensure consistency in company operations
  • require less down time for current employees serving as trainers; this keeps overall productivity and profits higher


Safety videos:

  • ensure employees and visitors are aware of existing hazards and potential hazards in the workplace
  • inform employees and visitors how to handle emergency situations
  • reduce accidents in the workplace which keeps productivity high and insurance rates low
  • may result in a discounted insurance rate for the company if they use a safety video onsite
  • reduce the company’s exposure to liability in accident cases

Nypro Safety Video Production 1


Morrison Video Productions recently produced two safety training videos for Nypro in Mebane, NC. One video was intended for visitors to their plant and the other was for contractors who work at their facility from time to time. The videos addressed such topics as fire procedures, automated external defibrillators (AEDs), hazardous waste, lock out/tag out, and more. Nypro now requires all visitors and contractors to view this video before they enter the plant for the first time. A card that is valid for one calendar year will be issued to each person once he or she has completed the training video. All visitors and contractors are required to watch the video annually. We applaud Nypro for their attention to safety at their plant. These videos will serve them well for many years.


If you are a business owner or manager, taking a few minutes to review your work environment and its overall level of safety may well save you significant time, resources and money. Here are some important questions you should ask yourself:

  • Are your employees taking unnecessary risks (either knowingly or unknowingly)?
  • Are you putting employees and visitors at risk by not making them aware of safety hazards and procedures?
  • Are you putting your company at risk by not addressing safety hazards and procedures?
  • Which would cost your company more: a safety training program or the consequences of not having one?


If you’re interested in finding out more about training and safety videos for your company, please call us at 336-226-0006 or send us an email to info@morrisonvp.com. Consultations and quotes are always free!