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The high cost of a college education has been a hot topic in recent ¬†years. Many people don’t go to college at all because of it, while others rack up incredible debt to get their college degree. The Career Accelerator Program in Alamance County is an excellent solution for students who are interested in a career in mechatronics, a technology that combines mechanical and electrical engineering. Students who are accepted into the program get paid to be an apprentice at a local manufacturing company while at the same time getting an all-expenses paid education at Alamance Community College. They are also guaranteed a job at their respective companies upon successful completion of the program.

We applaud Alamance Community College, the Alamance County Area Chamber of Commerce and the participating companies who are making the CAP program available in Alamance County. It was our privilege to produce a promotional video for them that they will use to recruit new students to the program.

If you’d like to learn more about the CAP program, click HERE.


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