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We’re shining the spotlight on successful businesses in the Piedmont Triad area.

As a business owner, I know the value of learning from successful business leaders around me. You don’t necessarily have to be in the same industry to benefit from someone else’s experience, as there are many sound principles that are universal in any business. With this in mind, Morrison Video Productions decided to launch Piedmont Business Live.

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Piedmont Business Live is an online program that features interviews with leaders in successful businesses in the Piedmont-Triad area. We talk about the history of their company, the products and services it offers, what makes it unique, and other factors that have contributed to its success. The primary purpose of the show is to provide a place online where business men and women in our area can go to learn about each other. In addition to gaining valuable business knowledge, we also hope that this exposure will lead to business relationships that may not have otherwise developed. The program is entirely free for those who are interviewed and for the viewers.

Since launching Piedmont Business Live in December of 2014, the show has been received very well. Business leaders have commented on how much they appreciate the opportunity to tell their story in a conversational way. It allows them to not only share their expertise as a business leader, but it also allows them to show their passion for their company. They see the interview as an excellent communication tool and opportunity.

Another benefit that Piedmont Business Live gives to those who appear on the show is that they are free to use their video in their own marketing. For example, many have chosen to:

  • post it on their website
  • email it to customers and prospects
  • post a link to it in their company newsletter
  • put the link and/or a QR code on their business card
  • post it on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Piedmont Business Live

Why is it free?

This is a question we get asked frequently. With a $1,600 value for free, people are looking for the catch. Honestly, there is no catch. There are two reasons why we’re doing this. The first reason is it gives us an opportunity to connect with local business owners in a very real way. We offer them an incredible free product that can help them with their marketing and in the process of doing that, we get to know a lot about their business and they get to know something about us. And that in the long run will turn into a really nice relationship that we can both benefit from. Hopefully, with the core services that we have, they can find something they would like to take advantage of or they might know someone who could take advantage of them.

 How can you be on the show?

If you are a leader in a business in the Piedmont-Triad area and would like to appear on our show, please visit our informational website at www.piedmontbusinesslive.com to see how you can apply. If you’d like to see some of our interviews, please visit our show page at www.piedmontbusinesslive.tv.





Did you know?
There are more than 1.5 billion YouTube users around the world.