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At Morrison Video Productions, we welcome opportunities to support education in our community. That’s why we were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Impact Alamance to produce a promotional video for their Teacher Leadership Academy. In cooperation with the Alamance-Burlington School System and the Alamance County Chamber of Commerce, Impact Alamance provides opportunities for local teachers to learn more about businesses and government in the county.

Throughout the school year, participants in the Teacher Leadership Academy are taken as a group to tour major businesses and governments in Alamance County (such as Sheetz Distribution Center, Burlington-Alamance Regional Airport, and Burlington City Hall) and learn about their operations. They use this information to shape lesson plans for their students and to help prepare them for life after they graduate from high school. This helps to create stronger connections between our students and the world they live and will one day work in.

We applaud Impact Alamance for the important work they do, and we greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with them on this important project! This video will be featured as a part of Impact Alamance’s presentation at a conference in Denver, Colorado, where they hope to inspire other organizations around the country to create their own Teacher Leadership Academy. They will also use the video to promote the academy in Alamance County and increase awareness among the county’s teachers and administrations.

For more information about Impact Alamance and the work they do, please visit their website at www.impactalamance.com.


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