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Mobile websites + smartphones = higher customer satisfaction!

Mobile technology is one of the fastest growing aspects of American culture today, and smartphones are a major part of it. In 2011, the number of people in the United States who owned a smartphone rose from 63.2 million to almost 98 million. Now, smartphones make up 40% of the total mobile phone market in the U.S. This shows that consumers are becoming increasingly more dependent on them for many tasks in their daily lives. Businesses, especially those involved in retail sales, can capitalize on this trend to strengthen their position in the marketplace.Image Apparel & Marketing Mobile Website


A recent study done by comScore showed that two-thirds of all smartphone owners use them for a variety of shopping activities. These include comparison shopping, finding stores, reading reviews, downloading coupons and more. Consumers are quickly realizing that they can save themselves a lot of time and money by employing their smartphones while shopping, and they are gravitating towards the businesses that accommodate them. As smartphone technology continues to develop and the number of Americans using them increases, retailers that don’t have a mobile strategy in their marketing plan will find themselves alienated from a very large group of consumers.


There are many things your business can do related to mobile marketing, but the most important place to start is with a mobile website. Most businesses appreciate the value of an attractive, user-friendly website, but it’s surprising how many of them never consider all of the ways it’s accessed by consumers.

To make your website completely user-friendly, it’s important for it to be optimized for mobile phones.



If you have a smartphone, look up your website on it. Now, navigate through it and look for information you think customers would find important. Is it easy or frustrating to do this on a small smartphone screen? If your website is not optimized for mobile phones, this is likely frustrating to you. Now imagine that you’re a customer who is shopping for the goods or services your company sells. Would you stay on this website with your smartphone, or would you find another business with one that is mobile-friendly?


The good news is that your mobile website does not have to be a watered down version of your regular one. It can incorporate video production, testimonials, product information, and just about everything else. If your current web host cannot create your mobile website, then search online for a company that specializes in internet marketing, web design and search engine optimization.


Keep in mind that mobile websites are important for all businesses and not just retailers. Your type of business will largely determine the type of mobile website you have, but all businesses should have one. After all, you want your customers to have a good experience visiting your website regardless of how they access it.


If you would like more information about getting a mobile website for your business, please call Morrison Video Productions at 336-226-0006. We serve Burlington, Greensboro, Chapel Hill and many other areas in North Carolina.