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Firequip, Inc. of Burlington, North Carolina needed a presentation video for a distributors conference in Florida, and they needed it fast. There are several other companies who will be doing presentations at the conference, and most of them do pretty much the same thing year after year. They talk about their products and services while showing text and images on a screen using PowerPoint. While PowerPoint is a very useful tool, it has become rather mundane because most people use it in virtually the same way. It’s hard to distinguish your company from the rest when you’re doing the same thing they’re doing!

Recognizing the need to stand out from the crowd, Firequip decided to start their presentation off with a powerful video that would not only give a quick glimpse into Firequip’s production process, but also get the distributors excited about selling their products. The catch: they needed the video shot and produced in two days! That’s why they called Morrison Video Productions. We produced this video from script to screen in under 36 hours! Now, as the distributors are selling fire and industrial hoses this year, which company do you suppose they’ll think of first?