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Family History Video Scrapbook©: The Process


Family History Video ScrapbookWe will arrange an interview session with a family member. Interviews are videotaped at the subject’s home or anywhere he/she feels comfortable and can last up to two hours. Of utmost importance is for the subject to feel at ease. We will do everything we can to ensure this.
Prior to the interview, the subject will be given a copy of the questions that will be asked. These questions are non-invasive, but the subject may ask us to omit any they do not wish to discuss or are not relevant to them.

Using a high-definition video camera with professional lighting and audio equipment, our interviewer will ask the subject a series of questions about themselves and their family history. These questions serve as a guide to the conversation, but they are by no means the entire scope of it. We encourage the subject to reminisce freely and share any thoughts that come to mind that would be of interest to the family!

Once the interview is complete, we then will transfer the footage into our editor and add in any documents, photos, or video clips if requested. Finally, we will add introductory titles, graphics, and music, and create a master DVD for you.



Basic package includes:

  • Videotaped interview (up to two hours)
  • Editing (up to two hours)
  • Introductory title, music and graphics
  • Master DVD in a DVD case with a printed insert


Add-on Options:

  • Additional interview time- $130 per two hour block. Must be booked in two hour increments.
  • Photos- $5.00 each
  • Documents- $5.00 each
  • Home video clips- $45/hour for capturing and editing
  • Additional copies of DVD- $25.00 each (includes case and insert)

*We provide this service free of charge to all World War II veterans in honor of their service to our country.