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FAQ Videos

Use FAQ Videos to get found and establish trust on the internet! Be where your prospects are with the answers they need.

Text vs. Video
When given a choice, 72% of people would rather use video to learn about a product or service.
Which would rather do?

What are FAQ videos?
Frequently asked questions (FAQ) videos are short video clips where you answer the questions you get asked most often in your business. They are simple but very powerful!

Important Facts About FAQ Videos

Sample FAQ Video

Important Facts About FAQ Videos

  • The two largest search engines, Google and YouTube (yes, YouTube is #2), love FAQ videos. Why? Because you are helping them help their customers.
  • The personality of the presenter can bring the viewer’s question to life.
  • The content is relevant – these are questions you probably get asked every day.
  • You are making eye contact and engaging with your audience. This begins establishing Know, Like and Trust which is critical to establishing a relationship.
  • People prefer to learn through video. It engages more of the senses and is easier to remember.
  • Attention spans for the average viewer are low. These FAQ videos can and should be short and to the point.
  • You can anticipate your customer’s problems and questions and add new videos as the need arises.
  • In return for providing your viewer with useful information, you can include a Call to Action in your video.
  • Well-made FAQ videos will make your business look professional and polished.
  • If a customer emails you or your staff with a question, you can simply reply with a video link. This provides a consistent and complete answer to your customer for routine questions. You have more time for in-depth issues while delivering excellent service to all your customers.


Pricing Plan

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Videos are shot at our studio in Graham and include a photo or graphic background of your choice.

Let's Work Together!

Let us help you help your prospects, patients, clients and customers. Begin to earn their trust and establish a relationship by answering their questions.

Increases Know, Like and Trust with your prospects

Engages the viewer in a way that is memorable

Use on YouTube, Facebook, social media, your website, your blog, in email newsletters

Keeps working for you year after year