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This is a segment of the highlights video we produced for Tanger Outlets.

This past weekend was a very exciting one in Alamance County. On Friday, November 5, the new Tanger Outlets Center opened in Mebane and Morrison Video Productions was  hired by them to cover the Grand Opening events. It is estimated that the new shopping center drew about 150,000 shoppers over the weekend, and I don’t doubt it. The first official event of the weekend was a spectacular gala the evening before the Grand Opening. While the gala was partly a celebration of the new shopping center’s opening, it was also an opportunity to raise money for cancer research, a cause that the Tangers have championed for quite some time. I was very impressed by this.

If there was any doubt about whether the new Tanger Outlets Center would be welcomed in Alamance County, that doubt was removed for good at the Grand Opening. I have lived in Alamance County for 26 years, and I have never seen as much traffic in one location as I saw at the Tanger Outlets Center in Mebane! The traffic jams, the full parking lots, the crowds- all were overwhelming evidence that this new shopping center is a welcome addition to our community. While all outlet centers offer a variety of stores with good deals for consumers, this one takes a giant leap beyond that. The layout makes it quite easy to circulate among the stores, there are many amenities for the shoppers, and it is beautifully decorated. It’s very apparent that a lot of thought went into this shopping center, and we are proud to have been a part of its opening celebration.