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MCC relies on MVP for Promotional Video Production

Montgomery Community College sits on the edge of the Uwharrie National Forest in Troy, NC. It is not a densely populated area, so it would be easy to assume that the college would be limited in the number of people it serves and the types of courses they offer. However, this is definitely not the case.


MCC offers many of the traditional programs found at most community colleges- nursing, law enforcement, business, etc. But among these offerings are three programs that have earned the school a solid reputation not only across the state of North Carolina, but also nationally. These three programs are gunsmithing, pottery, and taxidermy.


Morrison Video Productions was privileged to work with MCC to produce a series of video brochures that would help the school to showcase these special programs. The videos will be placed on their new website to enhance their Internet marketing, and they will also be distributed to prospective students through an interactive CD-ROM. By employing these two solid marketing strategies, MCC is taking very positive steps to make these very popular programs even bigger.


While shooting interviews and scenes at Montgomery Community College during the production, it became evident right away that the students there appreciate the unique opportunity the school provides them. In fact, many of the students we spoke to said they could have gone to a school closer to home, but they chose MCC because of the quality of their program. In fact, one student drives a camper from Jacksonville, NC to MCC each week so he can study taxidermy there. This is a four hour trip each way, so he stays in the camper during the week and drives back home for the weekend. There’s no doubt in his mind that the extraordinary taxidermy program at MCC is worth it!


The gunsmithing and pottery programs are also well known and very popular. Most North Carolinians know that Seagrove is where everyone goes to find some of the best pottery the state (and even the country) has to offer. What they don’t know is that many of the potters who work in Seagrove were trained at MCC. The connection is no coincidence, either. As for gunsmithing, there are only a few colleges in the United States that offer this program, and MCC is one of them. They literally have students come from all over the United States to study gunsmithing at MCC.


Morrison Video Productions is very proud of the work we’ve done with Montgomery Community College, and we’re certain that the promotional videos will serve them well. If you’d like more information about MCC, you can visit their website at www.montgomery.edu.