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Ever feel like your computer doesn’t like you anymore?

Emily Wilson can restore your relationship with it.


Most people have a love-hate relationship with computers. We love them when they’re working well, and we hate them when they’re not. We depend on our computers to make our lives easier in so many ways in our business and personal lives. Frustration can build quickly, though, when something goes wrong and you’re not sure how to fix it. All we want is for someone to identify the problem, fix it and let us get back to loving our computer again. That’s where Emily Wilson of Computer Troubleshooters comes in. Emily talked to Piedmont Business Live recently and told us how she solves IT problems for her customers.

Emily Wilson has over 20 years of professional IT experience and has been the owner/operator of CT Greensboro since she purchased the franchise in February 2006.  She loves to help small business owners succeed in business by providing the technology tools and support needed to give them an edge over their competition and allow them focus on their business instead of dealing with technology issues.  She takes an interest in her clients both personally and professionally and cares for them as she would a good friend or family member.