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Video production and web marketing are key strategies for this progressive company.



We have had the pleasure to work with The Peterson Agency on several projects over the years. They are a full-service insurance agency with offices in Burlington and Goldsboro, NC. Earlier this year, founder John Peterson told us that he wanted to more aggressively market his company, and video and web marketing were the areas he wanted to concentrate on. This was a very wise decision on his part.


 Web marketing can be done in many different ways, and, if done right, it can be very effective in reaching a lot of prospective customers. Furthermore, many studies done over the years have proven that video is the most effective web marketing strategy. There are many reasons for this, but here are just a few. First, people much prefer to get their information through video than written text. It’s faster, often entertaining, and employs several of their senses at once. Second, search engines love videos and give a lot of weight to them in their search results. Google is by far the most powerful and widely used search engine in the world, and YouTube is second. Guess who owns YouTube? That’s right- Google does. So, it should come as no surprise that Google favors YouTube videos when it crawls the web.


The first part of The Peterson Agency’s new campaign is the commercial you see above. We produced it so that it could be aired on television and also put it on their YouTube Channel, website, and Facebook page. In the future, we will post more videos like this one as well as other types such as testimonials and videos offering insurance advice.


So how will all of this help The Peterson Agency? It’s simple:

  • Each video creates another point through which customers can find them.
  • The videos increase the number of backlinks pointing to their main website, and these strengthen their site in search engine rankings.
  • The Peterson Agency further establishes itself as an insurance expert in the community.


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